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By Risper Buyeke

Jacinda Arden, 37 years old, announced her three months old pregnancy in January. Jacinda and her domestic partner, Clarke Gayford, are waiting for their first-born baby this year. The family is excited that their family will expand from two to three in June.

Benizar Bhutto of Pakistan was the first elected leader to become pregnant while in the office. She gave birth to her baby in 1990.

Jacinda became a Prime Minister in New Zealand on 26 October, 2017. She is the third woman to take office in her country. She found out about the pregnancy on 13th October 2017 before taking office.

She explained that her deputy, Winston Peters will be the acting prime minister six weeks after delivery in June. She will resume her prime ministerial work at the end of the leave. Gayford will be the primary caregiver for their baby.

Jacinda received a sleeping basket from Cassandra Moar. The basket is well known as ‘wahakura’ and ‘waikawa’, made from muka flax and tenax flax. She received the gift when she was walking around the sports field to meet and greet people on 6th January.

She welcomed the offer to bury her placenta at a historic British site, the offer was from the Maori leaders. This is to honor the Maori tradition. The site is the founding of the state of New Zealand.

She explained that it is a woman’s decision about having children and it should not predetermine whether to take or not take a given job opportunity. She is not the first woman to work and have a baby, many have done this before.

The pregnancy news was unexpected but exciting.  This is because the couple was told that they may need some help to conceive.

(Article written by Risper Buyeke, she holds a BA in Economics & Sociology from University of Nairobi).

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