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How Motor Vehicles Edged out Horses 

If it were not for the invention of motor vehicles, right now we would have been using horses to travel around the country. For the poor, route 11 (walking) would be the only option. I even imagine walking from Nairobi to Nyamira or riding a horse. It would be tedious indeed.

According to Noah Smith of Bloomberg, our society runs on trust. When you drive over a bridge, you trust that the engineers who build it followed the right principles. When you take medicine, you trust that it is safe for you. In fact there are numerous ways in which we base our actions on trust and nothing else.

America is known to have many cars. It is estimated that there are one car for every 1.21 Americans. This is a sign of American obsession with cars. In fact the wealthy cities of Monaco and San Marino have even more cars than what we’ve said above. By the way who knows how many cars we’ve in Kenya?

Despite the American obsession with motor cars, people who hate cars say that when there too many vehicles it’s a sign of poor urban planning. But in some societies, a car is a status symbol. It’s a sign of wealth.

Take a look at countries such as Liechtenstein, Monaco and Luxembourg. These three countries have the highest levels of wealth. At the same time, they have the largest numbers of motor vehicle per capita.

We thank God for making it possible for mankind to invent motor vehicles. Imagine if there were no vehicles in Nairobi City. Then, people of Nairobi and other cities would be riding horse-drawn carriages. The streets in the cities would be filled with manure and a lot of smell. The second problem would be the need for more horses because each carriage is drawn by more than one horse at a time.

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