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Fake news award 2017 edition

Fake news award is now a reality  after the GOP website released a list of winners of fake news award on January 17th. Immediately after the list was published on the Republican Party or GOP website, it crashed due to high traffic. It recovered afterwards. Below is an highlight of the various winners according to GOP.

a) Paul Krugman of New York Times tops the list after he reported that the US economy would not recover after Donald Trump electoral victory. He is on top of the list of the fake news award.

b) ABC News through Brian Ross

c) CNN – report that Donald Trump and his son were in possession of leaked files from Wikileaks

d) TIME reported that President Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jnr from the Oval Office

e) Washington Post- Reported that Donald Trump’s rally in Florida was empty

f) CNN – claimed that Donald Trump overfeed fish during the visit by the Japanese Premier .

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You may be wondering what is GOP? This is the name of Republican Party, it is also known as Grand Old Party.

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