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William Shatner, 90, will effectively become the oldest man to fly to space. He is planning to do so on board of Blue Origin space shuttle which belong to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 


The launch into space of New Shepard NS-18 was expected to happen on Tuesday but was delayed for 24 hours as a result of a forecast of high winds at the launch site in West Texas. 


William Shatner was famous in the Star Trek series for acting as Captain Kirk. 


The NS-18 will reach an altitude of 66 miles above the surface of the earth and it will take 10 minutes. 


The space shuttle will be parachuted back into the desert in West Texas. 


Willaim Shatner will beat Wally Funk, 82, who flew on Blue Origin Flight with Jeff Bezos in July. She is an accomplished pilot with 18,600 flight hours of experience. 


“I know!…I’m Captain bloody Kirk and I’m terrified!” 


Watch the live coverage by TechCrunch of the launch into space: 



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