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In the recent past, we’ve seen advanced economies working on Covid-19 cure and vaccines and booking the final products in advance. This raises concerns that low-income countries may be left behind. There are 7.8 billion people all over the world and they all will need vaccines. 

Already, the United States of America has ordered for 1.6 billion doses to be produced under contract while European Union has ordered 1.5 billion dozes from various companies with prospective companies. 

However, there some low-income countries which have initiated efforts to develop their own vaccines for Covid-19. For instance, dozens of laboratories and companies from Thailand to Nigeria doing that. 

Elsewhere Argentina’s vaccine is among 170 prospective drugs around the world according to the World Health Organization. 

The other low income countries working on their own vaccines are: Egypt, India, Turkey and Kazakhstan. 


In Thailand, scientists at Chulalongkorn University are planning to conduct human trials from as earlier as September 2020. 

The Thailand team of vaccine researchers are optimistic that their vaccine will be ready by the second half of 2021. 

Russia, is moving at a lightening speed when in comes to searching for Covid-19 vaccine. They already have their Sputnik V vaccine which President Putin has already authorized even been it is proven to be safe. So far so good, at least 20 countries have expressed interest in Sputnik V. DESPERATION is high. 

Even if the world gets the vaccine by end of 2020, it will still take a whole year before 1 billion vaccine doses are distributed globally. This shows that it may take years to vaccinate all the 7.8 billion people on the surface of the earth. 

In the United Kingdom, the government has laid plans to train all healthcare professionals including midwives, physiotherapists and even Vets who treat animals to be able to provide the injections. That way the UK will be able to move with speed in vaccinating their citizens. This is an example worth emulating if we are to safe humanity. 

It is true that the odds of success in low-income countries without a vaccines industry will be very low. However, this should not prevent especially African countries from joining the race to find a vaccine. 

The cure for the Covid-19 pandemic might be in the most unexpected places. Let all African governments and pharmaceutical manufacturing and research companies join the race. Helix  Biogen is already collaborating with Nigerian researchers to find a vaccine. 

We in Kenya can also do it. We trust in you Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and local universities to show that world that you are also equal to your contemporaries around the globe!

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Sharing is Caring:

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