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Demarchy is being promoted as a possible substitution for democracy around the world.

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It’s also called sortition. This is a form of governance that “selects the representatives of the people as a random sample from a pool of candidates.”

It’ll be interesting to witness the selection of people’s representatives using a lottery system.

If this happens, it will not be the first time for such a system to be adopted. In fact, it was applied in Greece, Venice and in England (up to 17th Century).

According to one of the proponents of this new system of governance, modern technologies can now make it possible to randomly select leaders from large populations.

The following is a list of advantages as pointed out by Antony Muller, a professor of economics from Brazil

a) No corruption

b) No political parties

c) Independence of representatives

d) End of inflation of regulations, laws and rules

e) Reduced government expenditure as well as taxes

f) No costs associated with election campaigns

The opponents on the other hand argue that a parliament with elected leaders is full of expertise compared to a parliament of members selected through the lottery system.

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