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All Ministries Departments and Agencies are required to publish all procurement details on the Public Procurement Information Portal.

The public Procurement Regulatory Authority is in the process of publishing contracts awarded on a monthly basis.

Up to now, 385 public entities have been registered on the portal. A total of 5,236 contracts have been published.

In order to sustain the fight against corruption:

  • EACC has been allocated Ksh. 2.9 billion;
  • 3 billion has been allocated to Office of Director of Public Prosecutions ;
  • 149 million allocated to the Unclaimed Assets Recovery Agency;
  • 50 million to Asset Recovery Agency;
  • 540.8 million to Financial Reporting Centre
  • 7.1 billion to Criminal Investigations Services
  • 5.7 billion to Office of the Auditor General
  • 40.5 billion allocated to parliament;
  • 19.4 billion allocated to the judiciary;

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