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Recently, there has been a lot of protests by traders which led to the closure of the China Square Market.


Kenya Traders have been at logger heads with Chinese traders in Kenya. 


China Square Market is located on Kenyatta University’s UniCity Mall. The market has caused a lot of excitement both online and offline. 


The China Square Market is alleged to sell a wide variety of products all under one roof and at very affordable prices. This has raised a lot of concerns among Kenyan traders. 


Even the Trade Cabinet Secretary has joined local traders who  feel threatened by the lower prices witnessed at the China Square Market along Thika Road. 

Photo: Traders from Gekomba, Nyamakima, Muthurua and Eastleigh protesting and demanding against Chinese invasion in Kenya. Credit: The Star Newspaper. 

The China Square Market is owned by Lei Cheng, 37, who owns 1% of the shares and Fujian Festar Holding Limited (99%). who came to Kenya and realized that the products being sold at local supermarkets are available in Kenya and he could sell them at a cheaper price that the prevailing rates. 


He collaborated with his friends and together they established the China Square Market. 

Kenya is a free market economy where the forces of demand and supply rule. Therefore, the state should not interfere with the operations of any legally registered business. Those traders protesting should find a way of competition and stop the shenanigan. 


Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has sent a warning to traders who feel entitled to protection by the state as shown in his tweet below: 



State response proves that they are not interested in lowering the cost of living for Kenyans. In fact the government should be happy that at least there is someone selling consumer products at affordable prices hence lowering the cost of living for Kenyans. 


The China Square Limited announced a temporary closed and owners are considering the available options for them. 


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