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The British royal family is very wealthy with a net worth of USD$500 million. The royal family is a beneficially ‘of a sovereign grant which is administered by Treasury.

The royal family’s wealth is old-money. Their wealth is hundreds of years old.

Forbes approximates that the wealth of Queen Elizabeth II is worth $530 million. Overall, the magazine further reports that the royal family is responsible for contributing up to 1.8 billion British Pounds to the United Kingdom economy every year.

The Boston Globe estimates that the British taxpayers contributes 65 pence every year towards the royal family per year.

The wealth of the Queen includes many priceless items in trust for the British citizens which includes the imperial state crown, the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels.

The royal collection is made up of furniture, photographs, tapestries, paintings and objects held in numerous royal residences.

The queen inherited from King George V personal items such as a large collection of royal stamp collection. She also privately owns a Scottish estate Balmoral Castle, country house valued at $65 million and Sandrigham House.

The sovereign fund that we’ve talked about covers the Queen expenses as she dispenses her duties to the nation. This includes travel, property maintenance and entertainment.

In 2015, the sovereign grant came under focus because it was reported that the queen was making a lot of money.

The Queen enjoys a lot of exemptions such as:  she doesn’t have to pay taxes like the rest of her subjects. She only started paying taxes after her favorite Windsor Castle was consumed by fire in 1992. She set a record by becoming the first royalty to pay taxes since 1930s.

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