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Water Shortage bites Modica Location in Garissa County 

Parts of Modica location in Garissa County have a water piping system infrastructure but the last time the residents received water on those pipes was in 2006.

Currently, water bowsers deliver water to the residents but according to them, there is water shortage.  The LAPSSET Corridor projects will affect residents in this village. This is why the residents formed a LAPSSET  Committee chaired by Abdi Hajir to help in sensitizing residents on the issues surrounding the project.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are currently doing good work in sharing information on social justice, right to participate in governance and procedures for evictions.

The local residents informed us the national government or its relevant agencies have never visited their location to share information about the upcoming projects.

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Cash or land?

When a development project is coming up, residents get torn between taking land or cash. In some areas around the country, the residents are provided with both land and cash.

A large number of Modica residents expressed their desire to be compensated with cash. In their defense, they informed us that with the cash, they will get land in good locations around the county.

The residents expressed optimism that they will be able to get alternative land on their own.

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