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The government of United Kingdom has stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now less powerful than before he attacked Ukraine.



The attack on Ukraine has turned out badly than anticipated by Putin. Nothing is going according to plan. Now Russia is a “lesser country” according to Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

“President Putin is not the force he used to be. He is now a man in a cage he built himself,” said Wallace speaking to Sky News.


“His army is exhausted, he has suffered significant losses.


“The reputation of this great army of Russia has been trashed.


“He has not only got to live with the consequences of what he is doing to Ukraine, but he has also got to live with the consequences of what he has done to his own army.”


“We have seen it before. It always gets worse. It goes for more civilian attacks, more civilian areas.”


Wallace added that Ukraine’s international allies have agreed to supply them with “lethal aid” including long-range artillery ammunition and armored vehicles.


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