There is a lot that we applied budget analysts and human rights advocates can do to ensure our people enjoy their rights. Budget analysis can play a key role in advancing economic, social and cultural rights aka ESC rights.


For instance, we may all be aware that there is need for funding to train police officers on how to respect human rights or funding is needed in order to hire teachers and build schools across the country.


However, we must bear in mind that a budget analyses cannot answer all our questions on the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing public projects or programs.


In addition to examining government budgets, we must also look at the budgets in the light of other related data from teachers’ unions, nutritionists and health experts in order to get more value add.





Budget analyses, can be used as evidence which can lead to persuasive arguments with policy makers, courts and legislators.


As we conduct applied budget analysis, let us not forget to provide solid recommendations on what can be done to improve the situations for example to eradicate poverty or end diseases in our communities.


Let’s use our budget analysis skills to point out where the government is going wrong through misdirection of funds or blockage of public resources. Basically, let us help the executive and the legislature to understand the implications of various budgets on human rights obligations.


Our target audience at all times should include: courts, activists, legislators and local communities. These are our clients with whom we must work very closely.


In order to effectively engage this vast audience, we must engage in a lot of fact-finding and host public hearings whenever resources can allow. During these public deliberation meetings invite public officials to respond to some of the issues being discussed.


In conclusion, let us always remember that fiscal choices made by our government should not violate human rights and government transparency and accountability are key components of our work and when human rights work is combined with applied budget analysis, we receive POWER!


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