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US government shutdown 2018 is quickly becoming a favourite tool for change or reforms. For  three days now there has been an impasse in the federal government. This came about after the Senate failed to approve a spending bill hence effectively thrusting the entire government into a shutdown. This is a situation where the government has no money to spend. Remember, government can’t spend public resources before such spending is approved by US Congress.


The US government shutdown 2018 was aimed at forcing Congress to allocated resources in a certain way and not the other. These sections were taken in opposing the budget priorities of President Donald Trump. The US president has strong stands on issues of immigration and the matter escalated further when he called Haiti and African countries “shitholes.”


This US government shutdown 2018 has taught me a number of lessons. First, I just noted that governments can actually spend from their receipts and that can lead automatically to a balanced budget. This is because they will only spend what they have received from taxpayers.


According to Llewelly Rockwell Jnr. there are very few actions that our governments do which benefit citizens directly such as issuing passports, running museums, mail delivery and maintaining national parks.


A US government shutdown may lead to unintended consequences. For example when the post office shuts down, people are more likely to revolt against the post office and not the federal government. The citizens will demand that the Post Office be privatized to increase its efficiency even during government shutdowns.


In his post, Rockwell states that it’s ironical that those services offered by government can easily be provided by the private enterprises. What is so special about issuing passports or managing national parks? He further, notes that governments monopolizes some services just to keep people thinking that they can’t do without a government.


It doesn’t make sense that government budget cuts target essential services. This is not the case for private sector where budget cuts targets inefficiencies and waste.


Instead of allowing government to cut on budget for essential services, citizens should advocate for privatization of all essential services. The private sector will bring in efficiency and effectiveness. competition will spur innovation and hence better service delivery.


For a second, let’s imagine a situation where there is no government and all essential services are privatized then the US government shutdown would not have happened. There will be no taxes to pay and hence we will avoid to even pay premium prices in the marketplace.


Do you think US government shutdown has served its intended purpose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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