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Mugo Mungai Wants his Billions Back: 30 years later…

At the age of 36 Muigai was a proud owner of two banks. Paul Waweru of Daily Nation has an exclusive interview with Mungai.

Mungai was the owner of Pioneer Building Society as well as Capital Finance. These two finance institutions owned a number of properties in the capital city which includes:

  • 50 half acre plots in Gigiri
  • In pioneer Estate they owned 259 maisonettes
  • A building in Thika the current location of Ecobank

The above properties were taken away from him on 13th November, 1986. At that time he was just 44 as many Kenyans say “life starts at 40.” Mungai’s life had just started only that it ended too soon.

Mungai is an alumni of Woltham Forest and Thurrock Technical College in the United Kingdom. He worked as an accountant and a certified public secretary in the 1960s.

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