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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has postponed the reopening of schools for final year students for one more month, the BBC reports.

Mr Museveni said in a televised address that Uganda did not have enough testing kits to test learners every two weeks.

President Museveni said two television sets will be sent to each village to allow learners continue studying from home.

‘’Two television sets per village equals 140,000 TV sets in the country,’’ he said in a televised address.

Public transport operators have resumed operations, but at half capacity.

Motorcycle taxis are allowed to ferry goods but not people.

Gyms, nightclubs, bars, churches and mosques will remain closed for the next 21 days.

Shopping malls are allowed to reopen as long as customers maintain social distance.

The government of Uganda will begin providing face masks this month and those without one are expected to stay at home.

The highest number of coronavirus in a single day was recorded on Saturday with 84 new cases. 40 new cases were reported on Monday bringing the total to 457.

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