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Uber Knows how to Evade the Law 

The most current news from Uber Technologies Limited desk is that one of the senior executives has left the company. At the same time  a number of revelations has been made. One of them being that uber used a custom-built software to evade the law enforcers.

These allegations were revealed after a former Uber employee claimed of sexual harassment. The floodgates of scandals seems to be unleashed on the world.

The New York Times report that Uber for a long time used a software called Greyball to trick the tax collectors.

The Greyball software used credit card information, geolocation data, social media accounts to identify people working for city agencies to carry out inspections. It had been used in Italy, Portland, Boston, Oregon, Las Vegas and Philadelphia among other countries.

Once the software has identified the officials working for city agencies, those officials will only see icons of Uber cars moving near them but comes to pick them.

Uber responded to the software allegations by stating that it is their responsibility to protect the Uber drivers and their clients.

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