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U.S.A first lady, Jill Biden, has landed in Tokyo, Japan ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony for the 2021 summer Olympic games. This is her first solo trip abroad as a first lady. 


Jill Biden touched down at Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo on Thursday afternoon, July 22. 


Biden stated that she was excited to be going to Japan. ‘Yes aren’t you? I’ll see you there,’ the first lady told reporters as she departed the Alaska stop. 


Reports indicate that she and U.S. Embassy Tokyo official Raymond Greene, are the only two members of the official presidential delegation that went for the Olympic games in Tokyo.     


To reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, the first lady was planning to have a virtual meeting with Team USA. This is considering that two members of Team USA had on Monday tested positive for Covid-19.


Jill Biden is also scheduled to meet Japanese Emperor Naruhito at the Imperial Palace.


Jill Biden is scheduled to attend the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.


On Saturday, Jill Biden will spend time at the United States of America embassy in Tokyo, Japan.


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