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Tullow oil has discovered more oil in Turkana. Now Kenya is moving close to reaching the 1 billion barrels of oil reserves.

The 75 meters of oil were discovered in two places at the Emukuya-1 on Block 13T. This discovery has been made just four months after discovering 25 meters of oil at Erut-1 well located on the same block.

Before this new discovery Kenya had reported 750 million barrels of recoverable oil.

Kenya is planning to start small scale exportation of crude oil to test the market. It will start with 2,000 barrels per day starting from June. This will be done as the country prepares to construct an oil pipeline to the coast of Kenya.

India and China have declared interest in seriously buying the Turkana oil. At the beginning Kenya was targeting to sell her crude oil to Europe but that plan has been shelved considering the distance and the associated expenses.

In the recent oil discovery, Tullow oil drilled to a depth of 1,356 meters before finding the black gold. Tullow oil has license to operate block 13T as well as block 10BB. In the latter the company owns 50 percent while Maersk Oil and Africa Oil owns the rest of the shareholding at 25% shareholding for each. .

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