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Today Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017 we traveled from Nairobi to Garissa. Garissa is situated to the North Eastern part of Kenya. Garissa County is mostly pastoralist and some irrigation farming is practiced.  

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This is my fourth time coming to Garissa town on business. It has always been a pleasure working with the residents of Garissa. They are kind and welcoming.

Garissa is a cosmopolitan town. It’s most populous community is the Somalis and Kambas. There are other communities residing in the town as well such as Kikuyus, Merus, Luos among others.

The Somali community has a reputation of being largely entrepreneurial with a high level of success.  

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Car lost control

A large portion of the road to Garissa is mostly smooth apart from the last stretch.  This section has plenty of potholes. Efforts to evade such potholes leads to rolling off the road. It’s so unfortunate that there is no one to fix these potholes or better still construct a new super high-way to Garissa town.

As we cruised along the bumpy road, we lost control and veered off the road. We nearly rolled over the steep sandy side of the road. This was caused by loose sand pebbles which had been piled to improve the drainage of the road.

We struggled to get the car back on track. It was in vain. Fortunately, a public transport bus ferrying passengers to Nairobi stopped and the passengers and the bus crew came to our rescue. This action real touched my heart. They made sure we were back on the road before proceeding with their journey to the bustling city, Nairobi.

I was real touched. How many times do we stop to help others in life? May the Lord bless you abundantly. Let’s always make it a point to help others along.

Tight security

A second thing that impressed me during this trip was the tight security that is maintained along the road to Garissa. This is especially the case starting from Mwingi town. Traffic police and other forces are stationed after every few kilometers to help protect the road users. For this I express my gratitude.

Pray for peace

Let’s all pray for a secure, peaceful and prosperous country the available challenges notwithstanding.

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