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A transgender man allegedly became pregnant while transitioning following a one-night stand with a man he came across on Grindr.


Ash Patrick Schade, 28, from Huntington in West Virginia has been transitioning ger for the last two years and was consuming estrogen and testosterone blockers when he discovered that he was pregnant in Feb 2020 following a one-night stand on Grindr.


“It had never occurred to me that I could get pregnant whilst on testosterone and estrogen blockers, as it’s such a rare occurrence,” Ash explained.


On finding out that he was pregnant, he stopped the hormone treatment to allow him to carry a child. Ash is a PhD student and a mental health worker. A month after discovering that he was pregnant, he met Jordan, 28, who is now his husband.

Ash’s daughter Ronan was born in October 2020.  The couple are raising Ronan together who is now one year old. Ash under-went a surgery to remove his breasts after giving birth. He suspended the full gender reassignment surgery so that they can have more children together.


Ash was previously in another marriage about which he said, “I was going through a rough time from 2019 and 2020 and struggled with my mental health due to going through a divorce.


“I ended up going on Grindr hook-ups and accidentally fell pregnant 


“It was a huge shock, but I fell in love with my bump and pushed through the pregnancy, despite struggling with the dysphoria and medical risks.”


Ash said that he “felt like he was in the wrong body” for “as long as he could remember” that is why he was sent to conversion therapy by his parents as a child, in the hope it would “fix” his strange feelings.  


“I hid my boobs and identified as a boy at school and went by Ash, and wore gothic dark clothes as a way to hide how I looked,” he recalled. 


“Until one day, my mother, who does not wish to be named, sent me to school in a pink two piece for picture day and my teacher loudly declared that I was actually a girl called Ashley.


“I went from popular to a nobody overnight, with my then girlfriend’s mum calling my mum to ‘keep that gay slur of a child away from my daughter’.


“I had a really horrible childhood and am a suicide attempt survivor from the gender dysphoria and trauma I went through.”


Ash has credited the support of the online gay and trans community, his friends and the Satanic Temple (of which he is a member) for supporting him through his pregnancy.


He explained: “Bringing life into the world as a ‘seahorse parent’ was incredible.”


As is looking forward towards explaining Ronan how she was born once she grows up.


“I want to be honest and open with Ronan the whole way, and explain to her that sometimes trans men can have babies,” he explained.


“I can explain to her how I am both her mom and her dad. A lot of the time people will stop us whilst we are out and say that her mother must look beautiful, or if I’m out with Jordan they’ll ask where we adopted her.


“So it’s usually quite an interesting conversation to begin when I explain it all to them.”


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Sharing is Caring:

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