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The Online Education Market

Online education is fast gaining currency around the world. It is estimated that currently, there is an excess of 3 million students in the United States of America who are pursuing online degrees. This translates to a USD $20 billion market.

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Phoenix, Western Governors and Southern New Hampshire stand tall among the largest institutions offering online education in various programmes.

Analysts have observed that many online students still visit the brick and mortar campuses to get support and access education services.  They also attend events in their personal capacity. This creates a special blend between online and in-person activities.

Therefore, there is need for universities to answer the important question on the level of support, service and faculty interaction which is required in order to achieve a balance in offering online education.

Millions of people around the world are shunning education which happen at the ivory tower. Students are now exploiting opportunities outside the university campus while gaining education.

The Udacity, edX and coursera are among the leading companies in the provision of online education programs for people from allover the world.

Kenyan Context 

a) Kenyatta University Digital School 

Kenyatta University offering online certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate courses through its digital school. Here you can study courses such as: Masters of Business Administration, Education as well as Masters in Public Policy and Administration among others. These online courses makes it possible for people with busy work schedules to attained academic qualifications through studying from any part of the world.

All students at the digital school are provided with a tablet which is loaded with course content for a particular semester. Assignments are submitted online. Sit-in exams are done at the nearest study center.

b) University of Nairobi – Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODEL) Campus 

There are numerous undergraduate courses offered at the ODEL Campus. These ranges from education to sciences. In the graduate section, Masters courses in various fields are offered.

I will keep this page updated as i learn of any other college in Kenya offering online education. Keep tuned in.

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