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The Five Star Movement is a populist group that has easily become the most reputable opposition group in Italy. The movement popularly known as M5S has a lot of political influence in Italy. It was the main challenger of Silvio Berlusconi’s part – Forza Italia. Some analysts even suggest that an M5S government is an achievable dream. In this blog article we will give you more details about this great group.

The M5S was founded by two men back in 2009. One of the founders was Beppe Grillo – a comedian who enjoys a lot of popularity which is also enjoyed by the group. His co-founder, Gianroberto Casaleggio is also credited for giving the group its distinct character. Mr Grillo was once expelled from mainstream media because of his attacks on the powerful Italians. Despite that one Information Technology executive believed that Griillo had another chance in the world of internet. Therefore, Casaleggio persuaded the comedian to start a blog. This blog became the foundation stone for M5S.

Movement Philosophy

The movement is not a political party despite the great political influence that they enjoy. The organization was set up to mark the end of political parties which are viewed by many people as a source of corruption and patronage.  This is a unique approach because there are other groups that use the internet to rally support from the public.

Direct Democracy

The M5S believes that one day, political parties will become a thing of the past and direct democracy will be practice by all. This is a situation where people have control over government and influence government decisions through voting on all issues over the internet.

This is a Messianic and daring kind of philosophy. The movement is so serious to an extent that they do not participate in signing deals with the existing political parties. The M5S operates in a cult-like manner and it insists to all who can listen that they do not lean to the left or right political ideologies.

That notwithstanding, most of the organization leadership originated from the left but it has also garnered support from the right. This may be the reason why it is feared. It was responsible for eliminating Forza Italia from power. The group is powerful but despite that there are disagreements on policy because it is made up of people from the right as well as left. The end result has been creation of factions (informal) within the M5S. The group is currently facing a challenge to show the public that their inexperienced elected leaders can govern effectively. The Mayor of Rome is a member of M5S and it is reported that he started off badly. Therefore, should the group be given a chance to take charge of the country? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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