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The light of Christ Church, with fast-paced music which makes people including passers-by to shake their hips in appreciation of the good ndombolo ya Yesu.
As I pen this article, there is an ongoing tarmacking of the feeder road. Hence, tuk tuks have diverted from their normal route and are using a new route on the grass field. 
Meanwhile today it seems there is only one male worker doing the laying of stones for the construction company. 

A man watching the construction worker do his work shakes his hips along the fast-paced loud music coming from the nearby church. clearly he is enjoying the beats from the music. 

Environmental pollution 
the advent of use of masks came with the burden of environmental pollution. in many urban areas and even rural areas you can see used packets of face masks and used masks too.
The bigger problem is that the masks are always wrapped in plastic bags which are not environmentally friendly.
This is the way the pandemic has contributed to environmental destruction further complicating an already worsening crisis. 
Imagine if each of the six million human beings on earth use and throw away their masks. that is 6 billion masks clogging the environment every single day. it is a Crisis which needs to be addressed. 
This morning with some friends we discussed how environmental degradation has made it impossible for farmers to predict the weather. The conversation emerged from the fact that it rained heavily by mid-January which is quite unusual when we look at the patterns of the past 20 years or so.
The unpredictability of weather conditions makes it impossible for farmers to make precise decisions on when to plant their crops. No farmer wants to plant crops then a week later enter into a dry period for two months or so. 
If that happens it will spell doom to the farmers who are already struggling from many barriers including expensive farm inputs and unforgiving middlemen who exploit the farmers. 
I’ve to resume walking. I just sat here for a moment to give you updates on what is happening this Sunday morning. More importantly, how what is happening is affecting the bigger picture at the global stage. 
Kiambu County’s proximity to Nairobi City indeed makes it the bedroom for the city. The residents of Kiambu have invested heavily on real estate providing affordable housing units to residents of Nairobbery.
South Africa has relatively new cars on the road. this is an observation I made when I visited the country in 2016 and 2018. This might  be due to the country policy of importing newer vehicles. in Kenya you can import very old vehicles. 
Older vehicles are likely to be faulty and cause accidents hence lose human life. 
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