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Said Salim Awadh Bakresa founded Bakresa Group as Azam Restaurant in 1975. The company has operations in real estate, hospitality & Leisure, media, petroleum, aviation, sports, logistics and upholstery among others.

  • Bakresa Grain milling Ltd
  • Bakresa Malawi Ltd
  • Bakresa Grain Milling Rwanda
  • Bagamoyo Sugar
  • Zanzibar Milling Corporation
  • Bakresa Grain Milling Mozambique
  • Bakresa Food Products Limited – bottled water, fruit concentrates, fruit juice and soft drinks.
  • Azam Bakeries -produces biscuits
  • Azam Media Ltd
  • Azam Digital Broadcasting Ltd
  • Azam TV Ltd
  • Azam TV Zimbambwe
  • Azam Transport – Said Salim Bakresa & Co Ltd
  • Azam Inland Container Depot
  • Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Ltd
  • Azam Marine Co. Ltd
  • Hotel Verde Zanzibar
  • Azam Luxury Resort & Spa Ltd
  • Azam Pay Tanzania Ltd
  • Azam Pesa Tanzania Ltd
  • Union Properties Ltd – Real estate
  • Azam Aviation  -corporate charters and medical evacuation
  • Azam Football  Club – sports
  • Azam Upholstery Co Ltd
  • Azam Polysacks Ltd

The Bakhresa Group of Companies has an annual turnover of $800 million and has on its payroll 8,000 employees.


Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa, 74, has a net worth of USD$600 million. He was born in Zanzibar. He is married to Fathiya Bakhresa and together they have six children (Mohamed, Omar, Yusuf, Mariam, late Khalid and Abubakar). He dropped out of school at the age of 14 to work as a salesman.



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