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Tero Buru means rising dust which is done after the burial of a man. The Luo people believe that there is life after death.

Tero buru


In the practice of Tero Buru, a Luo traditional ritual, locals gather at the compound of the decease with their livestock. Afterwards the animals are driven to the river.


tero buru


The people participating carry tree branches and wear traditional hats on their heads. As they march along they play music using traditional music instruments such as horns and drums.


War songs are used during this cultural practice to caste away the spirits. They also sing songs to praise the deceased.



They also carrying weapons of war such as spears as part of the mourning. The livestock are driven over the grave to raise dust that is “tero buru”.

luo tradional ritual tero buru


Finally, people sing and dance around the grave as part of the cultural practice of tero buru.

Luo traditional ritual tero buru Luo tradional ritual tero buru

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