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Television Host Larry King has filed for divorce from his 7th wife

The legendary Television host Larry King and his wife Shawn King are divorcing after 22 years of marriage.

Larry King who is 85 years old filed for the divorce at Los Angeles County Court.

He has been married 8 times to seven different women. He married Shawn Southwick in 1997.

The couple first filed for a divorce on 14 April 2010. However, they later reconciled and now is the second time going down the divorce way.

Larry King cited “irreconcilable differences” but never went ahead to mention any of those differences between them.

According to reports from, the couple has been having marital problems for many years and now Larry King has accused Shawn King of infidelity.

Larry and Shawn during the happier times

His two sons Cannon (19) and Chance (20) are reported to be the ones who begged Larry King to get out of the marriage to protect their inheritance. 

Larry King is not new to divorce proceedings. He has divorced 8 times. He married one of his wives, Alene Akins, in the 1960s twice.

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