Book Review: Blue Zones (part I)

22nd September 2019

I read this book many years ago. I have revisited my notes now. Consider this to be a summary of what I gathered from the book.  The author opens the with a meeting with Sakoya Ogata of Okinawa in Japan. This is a place that is known to have the highest concentration of people who […]

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Barack Obama

President Obama book list 2018 

23rd August 2018

President Obama book list 2018  Former US President Obama book list 2018 is out and everyone is talking about it. He is planning to consume the books this summer. He believes that books are the source of knowledge. Read More: Problem facing education in Kenya Below is President Obama book list 2018: “A House for […]

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Mark Twain

31st July 2018

Mark Twain Mark Twain was one of the greatest writers of all time. He was a reporter and out of his profession he had gained a wide knowledge about mankind. Read More:  Former US president Barrack Obama launched Sauti Kuu foundation in Kogelo Do you know spiders can fly? He was a respected humorist who […]

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The Case Against Education

BOOK: The Case Against Education

10th November 2017

BOOK: The Case Against Education Professor Bryan Douglas Caplan has announced that his new book will should be available in our bookshops. The book is titled: The Case Against Education: Why Education System is A Waste of Time and Money. This book took the good professor 10 years to complete. It is not just on […]

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Harry Potter Just Turned 20

29th June 2017

HARRY POTTER 20TH ANNIVERSARY  On 26th June, 2017 Harry Potter just turned 20. J.K. Rowling’s tweeted about it on. She is marking 20 years of anniversary since publishing her first book. Read More: Islamic state income is dwindling Sharing is Caring:0

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“The World needs libraries now more than ever before,” Hillary Clinton

29th June 2017

“The world needs Libraries now more than ever before.” Hillary Clinton   Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential candidate against Donald Trump, noted that reading ‘Harry Porter’ books is beneficial for American youths.  They build compassion against refugees and immigrants. The author of these books is J.K. Rowling’s. She published her first book in the series 20 […]

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Acres of Diamond

Acres of Diamonds

5th June 2017

ACRES OF DIAMONDS – By Russell Conwell  I recently completed reading a book by Russell H. Conwell titled Acres of Diamond. This is a book which was written by a man of many achievements. The author believes that there are opportunities where we are. It is upon us to open our eyes and take advantage […]

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stock trading

Intelligent Investor: Great Book by Benjamin Graham

28th May 2017

INTELLIGENT INVESTOR by Benjamin Graham I’ve been reading the book titled Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. This is a highly respected book among investors and stock traders including the world’s richest stock trader Mr. Warren Buffet. It is a priceless piece of work for to-be-investors around the world.  The author of this book, Benjamin Graham […]

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7 investment books for investors and businessmen

26th March 2017

SEVEN BOOKS RECOMMENDED FOR INVESTORS  Lately the team at Kerosi Dotcom has been reading investment books and we have come up with this refined list. It is our hope that the list will help you in choosing the books that will refine the investor in you. Below is a list of my favorite investment books […]

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