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American Airlines have made a deal to purchase 20 Boom overture supersonic jets in the future that will be shuttling passengers across the globe at supersonic speeds, twice the speed of sound.


The speed of the Boom overture supersonic jets is said to be twice that of the normal commercial aircraft. This will reduce time taken in various distances.


Boom, a company that manufactures supersonic jets, is developing a ‘Overture’ that will be travelling twice the speed of sound with 65 to 80 passengers on board.


Though the Boom overture supersonic jets is not yet ready for use, the company said it is done with wind tunnel tests and flight test is yet to be conducted.


The Boom overture supersonic jets is expected to hit the market early 2025. Experts on the other hand claim that the supersonic jets will not be able to turn at such speeds.

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Critics say that the Boom overture supersonic jets will produce a lot of noise that will deafen those on the ground. Boom hasn’t listed to the critics and is on the process of building one.


Boom claimed even if they won’t make it to supersonic speeds, their jets will be 20% faster than commercial jets.


“Flying from Miami to London in just under five hours and Los Angeles to Honolulu in three hours are among the many possibilities,” Boom claimed


Boom overture supersonic jets is not the first attempt at production of supersonic jets. Another supersonic jet  known as Concord was developed in 2003 but it faced economic failure. Concord is alleged to consume a lot of fuel and caused a lot of sound pollution. 


Following the failure of Concord, most aviation companies now focus on efficiency, not speed. Some of the companies like Boeing instead of building a Sonic Cruiser in 2000, they built the 787 Dreamliner that is lightweight and fuel-efficient.



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