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The Story Nebraska Furniture Mart and Mrs. B 

This takes us to a story of Mrs. Rose Blumkin popularly known as Mrs. B. She was 95 years old when she worked with Warren Buffet.

Nebraska Furniture Mart was founded by Mrs. B in 1937. She worked there till 1998 at at age of 103. She never took any holiday. Holiday was a dirty word for her. She was always at work barking orders at her employees. She actually worked 14 hours daily for 7 days a week. She put a minimum of 70 hours a week even at the age of 95. She moved around using an electric scooter. 

She sold furniture and home fittings. She bought cheap and sold cheap. This is a true capitalist drive. As a result of this routine, she generated USD$150 million every year.

I watched a video and I was shocked by her management style of yelling employees. It is reported that Mr. Buffet Warren made more money when he worked with Mrs B. Than he did in the previous 19 years.

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