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South Sudan is already hosting 40 Afghans who are alleged to have made their way to the country without government clearance. This is according to information provided by the Director General of Immigration, Passports, Nationality and Civil Registry.


Gen. Atem Marol Biar stated that he was caught by surprise by reports that there are already 40 Afghans in South Sudan without the knowledge of the authorities. The Director General made this remarks during a briefing of commanders who have been deployed across Juba.


“It is true the country is hosting Afghan nationals. We did not know how they came. I was not aware that Afghans who were fighting in their country are already here with us in South Sudan. I released this in the report to the leadership of the country that they have 40 people here with us who all stay in one place. And I alerted the leadership of the country during my briefing”, said Biar


“Our borders are porous and there is war. Some foreign nationals are taking advantage of the situation of war to enter the country illegally. And when they know they are in the country illegally, they opt to stay in remote places and because of the situation of the country, our capacity is strained to reach such places even though we do get such information from our network and cooperation with the communities. Now we have released in the report that there are people from specific countries who stay in a specific place,” said Biar.


The Director General urged the immigration officers to work closely with members of the public and other security agencies to conduct the operation in a polite way to avoid confrontations with the unregistered foreigners.


“I want you to cooperate with them because we cannot develop this country alone and report those who fight with you to me so that we notify their embassy officials about the actions, and I urge you not to fight with foreigners”.


“We have already identified the routes this foreign use to enter the country. We have porous borders with Uganda, with Sudan, with the Central African Republic, with Democratic Republic Congo and with Kenya. In all these entry points, we do not have offices although there are security organs there. Their knowledge of how to deal with foreign nationals is limited”, Biar explained.


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