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Sheria Sacco is one of the largest cooperatives in Kenya with 15,000 members and a capital base of 8 billion. 


Sheria SACCO is a proud owner of Sheria Sacco Twin Towers located in Upper Hill Nairobi. 


The sacco is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Justice Patrick Kiage is the current national Chairman of Sheria Sacco. The SACCO was established in 1972. 


Sheria SACCO generated an income of Ksh. 1 billion by the end of 2022. 


“Our members have educated their sons and daughters through Sheria Sacco loans and dividends…,” wrote in part the Sheria Sacco National Chairman. 


In 2004, Sheria Sacco purchased a parcel of Land Plot. No. LR 209/14421 at Upper Hill on Matumbato Close for Ksh. 20 million. The same piece of land is now valued at over half a billion. 


In 2019, Sheria SACCO launched office operations in Kisumu. The same year the Sheria Sacco hired architects to design the Twin Towers. 


In 2022, the Sheria Sacco attained an income of Ksh. 1 billion. The SACCO’s operations are run by the management team headed by the CEO, CPA Peter Kariuki.



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