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With the advent of hacking, there is need to minimize the kind and amount of data that is stored on a laptop computer. This way you can minimize the amount of risks faced. Make sure that your laptop is actually empty apart from having Microsoft Office and other basic utilities.

In case you need more data, now you can make use of cloud storage. This can be accessed by logging in on the laptop remotely when need arises.

If you are a frequent international traveler (researcher, journalist or business person) you are a soft target for police state operations. They may confiscate your laptop or other digital devices. Make it impossible for them to get access to your personal sensitive data. This will also make it possible for you to appear to have nothing to hide from the state or anyone else.

Oops, in my case I have all my data and information stored on the clouds (Dropbox and Google Documents). I never worry about losing data. If they take away my laptop, I will have nothing to lose. How many of you out there can say the same. If your digital devices are confiscated, will you be in danger of losing something? Does it have all your passwords remembered for easy log ins? This is dangerous and it will one day cost you dearly.

When a hacker has access to your PC, the passwords set may be of little help. They can access the data through use of guest account unless and otherwise it is disabled. Alternatively, the bad guys can easily remove your hard disk and put it in another computer for easier retrieval of information/data. The only remaining security feature is encryption.

Practice safety by encrypting those files and folders with sensitive information. Finally, remember to back-up them somewhere else as well.

The following steps will be useful in protecting folders and files in Window 7 Pro using in-built encryption file system:

  1. Right-click the folder/file
  2. Select properties
  3. Click advanced button. Then “advanced attributes” will appear.
  4. Select “Encrypt contents to secure data”
  5. No password is required. It uses “file encryption certificate.”
  6. Back-up the certificate to external USB disk. Be sure hackers will find it a nightmare to have their way.


Large firms and government departments often use bio-metrics as well as a two-factor authentication to enhance your cyber security. If you check some laptops, you will find that they have in-built finger-print readers while others have iris-recognition devices that make use of webcams.

Note that Windows 10 comes with enhanced security features. This has attracted large number of government departments and agencies  including the US Defense Department. If your laptop has the required features such as finger-print sensor upgrade to Windows 10 extra layer of security.

cyber security
cyber security

Web and Email Security

It is important to make sure that any sensitive data on your laptop is either moved, hidden or removed. It is mostly the case that a person who has access to your laptop may also have access to your email accounts as well as the websites that you manage including but not limited to Amazon, Jumia, Twitter and Facebook.

The worst habit which will destroy you is storing passwords on your browsers for enhanced convenience. Most browsers prompt you to remember the passwords. The simple solution is to store these passwords on a separate location and remove them from the browsers. It is also advisable for you to use the services of the password manager.

Email accounts are and have been risky too. Most mail boxes have enough information to enable a hacker to steal your identity. With access to one email accounts guaranteed, passwords to your other accounts can easily be reset. This will seriously make you vulnerable.

All hope is not lost though because you can use Prey – free software that makes it possible for you to track the location of your stolen laptop. Windows 10 has a standard feature called “find my device” but it does not have a “remote wipe” feature that is provided by Prey. The problem is that, Windows will not prevent the thief from carrying out a factory reset before disposing/selling your Personal Computer.

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