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Retired Manchester United player  Ryan Giggs is arraigned in a court hearing for allegedly assaulting Kate Greville, his ex-girlfriend in September 2017. Giggs revealed that Kate wanted him to be more assertive.


Kate claims that Giggs dragged her naked in a couple of destinations, starting from the hotel bed, across the floor and along the lounge suite.


The dragging was happening while she was naked and this caused her bruise her arm. Giggs also threw her outside. Kate claimed that she could not speak out of the incident due to shame.


Today was day three since Kate started giving evidence concerning the assault.


On the other party, Chris Daw QC who defends Giggs, read a message of the then texts that Kate wrote:” I want you so badly rough”.


Giggs replied:”Do you?

She also agreed she and Giggs exchanged “dozens” of “incredibly affectionate” messages during a five-day period following her Dubai allegation.


Chris Daw QC, defending, read one message from the time, in which Kate Greville wrote: “I want you so badly rough.” Communication continued;

Kate Greville

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Giggs wrote: “Do you? I’m scared of hurting you.”

Ms Greville replied: “I want it to hurt a little. Not in a weird way. I just want you to shock and surprise me.”

Giggs said: “It’s a fine line,”

Ms Greville replied: “We will just have to have fun finding that line then.”

Giggs then sent a photo of sex toy and a paddle

Ms Greville asked: “What is that? Xx.”

Giggs replied: “You asked me to be a bit more assertive.”

Ms Greville said: “I’m intrigued. When are you using this?”

Giggs then sent a photo of a pair of handcuffs and wrote: “Just after you have used this.”

Ms Greville replied: “Amazing,” and Giggs responded: “They f***ing are.”

During the court proceedings, Kate said she felt like a slave to Giggs where she had to do whatever she said, else, there would be consequences.

Giggs denied the assault against Kate. The trial will be continued.


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