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Reno Omokri, the former presidential aide in Nigeria has asked the Kenyan Government to stop attributing his quotes to His Excellence President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.


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He wrote on his Twitter page and even shared a screenshot of what he was referring to. He wrote: Dear @StateHouseKenya


‘I love Kenya and Kenyans. I have been there twice. President Uhuru is a man I respect, however, these are not his quotes. They are my quotes. Please kindly correct the attribution as I am sure it was a mistake. Thank you.’


Twitter was lit on fire with conflicting responses as shown below: 


“Sir don’t worry it same as when a pastor quote what is in the Bible, members that worship him will attribute it to “my papa said” not bible said. Pls forgive and forget,” responded @EvinceSammy 


Other Twitter users advised Reno Okiri that its is a parody account where the quote was printed. 


“Dear Reno, Uhuru Kenyatta is NOT on social media. He left social media. That’s a FAKE account. Kindly withdraw your statement & post again with facts,” said the peaceful warrior on Twitter. 


Read additional comments below: 


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