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Six years ago a lady by the name Jyoti Singh Pandey was gang raped while traveling in a bus in New Delhi. This criminal act attracted global outrage and it was expected to be the last case of rape crisis in India. Now, it seems rape is the order of the day in India.



Recently, a 3-year-old girl was raped by a 40-year-old security man at her home and left to die. Her father found her on the floor of their home lying in unconscious condition with soiled clothes. She was rushed to hospital and her condition is stabilizing.



In India victims of sexual assault face many barriers in their quest for justice. The National Crime Records Bureau estimates that 100 rape cases are reported in India every single day.



Indian women protest lack action on rapists.
Photo: Indian women protest lack action on rapists.



According to the CNN, there is lack of political goodwill for the government to deal with the crime of rape. The state has let down Indian women. This is blamed on caste and religious divisions.



Last week a tourist woman from the United Kingdom (UK) was raped as she walked back to her hotel in a popular tourist destination.



In the Northern State of Jammu as well as Kashmir, an 8-year-old child was drugged, gang raped and then strangled by rapists. Eight suspects were arrested and investigations conducted. This triggered mass protests across India.



As a result of the above cases, the government took action by lengthening terms in prison and death penalty was introduced for rape of girls under the age of 12 years.



As in many countries, the problem is not lack of strict punishment but the implementation of the existing laws.



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