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Georges Simenon was a Belgian writer who published an estimated 500 novels during his career as a writer. Therefore, by all means he was a highly prolific writer from Belgium.

Georges Simenon followed very strict routine for a period of six decades and would write from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm every single day when he was working.

Every 10 days Georges Simenon could complete a book and submit it for publication. In his novels, he developed a habit of exploring city politics, cheap hotels, bars, police investigations and crime.

During his career as a journalist, he quickly learned the art of quick editing and he was quite familiar with night life, being drunk and prostitutes.

Between 1921 and 1934 Simenon wrote under 17 pen names. He also wrote for newspapers under several pseudonyms.

Simenon develop a taste for voyages when he was assigned a reporting task which required him to travel on sea for several months in 1928.

He later traveled widely in United States of America, Canada, Eastern Europe, Europe, Turkey and Soviet Union. Every day of his writing he completed between 60-80 pages. That is how he ended up publishing hundreds of books, articles and other works of literature.

Out of his five hundred (500) novels, seventy five (75) novels and twenty eight (28) short stories featured Commissaire Jules Maigret. This was a fictional character who investigated crimes in most of Simenon’s novels.

George Simenon, a great writer who spent 60 years as a prolific writer.
Photo: Georges Simenon, a great writer who spent 60 years as a prolific writer.

Georges Simenon is voted as the 17th most often translated author in the world. He has also been featured in 171 films. These films include: Maigret en Finlande, Maigret set a trap, Night at the Crossroads, Migret Sees Red, Majestic Hotel Cellars, The Man at the Eiffel Tower, The Yellow Dog, Cecile is Dead and Maigret a Pigalle.

Georges Simenon was very good at his work of writing but he still wanted to match Sophocles and Euripides. The two were legendary writers of all time. Sophocles had a great influence on drama and was filthy wealthy.

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Georges Simenon was known to have an intense focus just like a voyeur and his career as an ex-journalist was handy too.

He had made a specialization out of focusing on the people at the bottom of the society pyramid. That is the prostitutes, salesmen, clerks and waiters. These are the people he always featured in his work of literature.

Georges Simenon reminds us that when writing about real life events, we should learn to rename places and doubt everything.

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