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Prince Harry has revealed in his new book, Spare, that Prince William shouted and ‘grabbed my shirt’ the two had a meeting with their father in front of Frogmore Cottage back in April 2021.


Prince Harry wrote that his brother William was ‘really steaming’ and shouted at him: ‘You never came to us. You never came to me’.


Harry claims that William went a head and invoked their secret code, ‘I swear on Mummy’ life’ after tempers flared following Philip’s funeral in April 2017.


The summary of the latest book was revealed recently after a media house accessed the Spanish language copy in a bookshop in Spain.


Prince Harry, 38, does not say what his father said following the altercations between his two sons. Harry also revealed that in a previous clash William knocked him to the ground.


Prince William, 40, is not impressed by the recent claims made by his brother Prince Harry.


“How many shots can you take at a sitting duck? It’s cruel, cowardly and so sad for William to be on the receiving end of punches from harry. William is keeping quiet for the sake of his family and the country at large.


Following the clash at the attempted peace talks, Prince William told Harry that “I just want you to be happy.”


Harry wrote in his book that “My voice broke as I told him softly, ‘I really don’t think you do’.”


After the physical altercations between the two brothers, they had a walk and discussed Harry’s Oprah Winfrey interview which took place weeks earlier.


Prince Harry described Windsor Castle as a “tomb, the walls filled with ancestors”. He also made comments about the Tower of London: ‘held together with the blood of animals’ and finally said that “maybe we were a death cult”.


Previously, Harry and Meghan accused the royal family of making racist comments about their son Archie. The book does not expand on these claims.


Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare will be out on Tuesday.

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