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Juba, South Sudan:

The President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, has just banned all citizens from singing the national anthem in his absence. This was according to Michael Makuei, a South Sudanese state minister.

The national anthem in question was written shortly after South Sudan gained her independence.

The Minister categorically stated that the country’s national anthem was only meant for the president. That means going forward the anthem will only be sung during events attended by President Salva Kiir. 

The Minister concluded that this order by Salva Kiir was approved during a cabinet meeting held on Friday. 

The only exceptions who are allowed to sing the S.S national anthem are the embassies which represent the president abroad and school children who are learning to sing the anthem.

In other news, South Sudanese military leaders will no longer be allowed to address the citizens while they are dressed in their military attire. 

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The punishment and fines for violating these orders was not spelt out by the Minister. 

“These are orders and of course when you disobey the orders of the president then you carry your cross,” said Mr. Makuei.



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