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People living with Disability are Tax Exempt

I’m penning this post to inform people living with disability that are tax exempt. Business Daily has written great content on this matter.

If you are a person with disability you get up to the first Ksh. 150,000 tax free and below, and Ksh. 1.8 million annual income from organizations owned by people with disability since the exemption policy was implemented in April, 2010.

  • said Ms Jeddy Ochuodo, KRA tax education manager.

Ms Jeddy Ochuodo was saying this during a workshop held at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters at Times Towers in Nairobi.

Read their article here.

Points to note: 

  1. People living with disability earning up Ksh. 150,000 are exempted from paying taxes.
  2. To benefit, a person living with disability has to first register with the National Council for People with Disability (NCPWD).
  3. The council reviews all applications for tax-relief in Kenya before they are submitted to the domestic tax department for consideration.
  4. People living with disability are entitled to 30% of all government tenders.
  5. By March, 2017 Kenya official data indicated that there are at least 349,000 people living with disability.

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