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A former footballer in England, Paul Gascoigne, who was in the past accused on planting a kiss on a fellow passenger on a train has been once more arraigned in court on fresh charges of sexual assault. 

Paul Gascoigne, 52, previously played soccer for ex-Newcastle United as a mid-fielder. He confirmed to the police that he kissed the said woman in order to boost her confidence. The case was heard by the Teesside Crown court based in Northern England.

Paul Gascoigne was regarded as one of the most talented football players during his time. He told the police that he “had kissed a fat lass,” according to Mousley the prosecutor.  

During the 1990s, Paul Gascoigne excelled in the world of football. His performance was most impressive during the 1990 World Cup which was held in Italy.

Since he retired from the world of football he has struggled with alcoholism. 

Paul Gascoigne played with great teams such as Tottenham, Newcastle, Lazio and Glasgow Rangers. 

During his trial, he denied all charges of sexual assault pressed against him. 


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