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Clause 9 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 is all about the Parliamentary Budget Office PBO. This is a very important office that serves the Parliamentary Service in Kenya. 

Members appointed to this office are required to have experience in public policy, finance or economics. 

Check the video below for details on PBO in Kenya.

In section 10 of the Act, the roles of the office are provided: 

a) provision of professional services on finance, budget, economics to all the committees of parliament. 

b) Prepare budget projections as well as economic forecasts. They are also expected to prepare proposals for consideration by the parliamentary committees. 

c) Carry out analysis of specific matters such as financial risks posed by government activities or policies to guide parliament. 

d) Take a closer look at the economic trends and budget proposals and subsequently make appropriate recommendations to specific parliamentary committees. 

e) PBO is required to not only establish but also foster relationships with other bodies and agencies interested on public budget issues. 

f) Prepare publish and eventually publicize reports from PBO office as required by Article 35 of the Constitution of Kenya. 

g) Correspond with committees of parliament on bills that have financial or economic implications. 

h) The PBO is expected to observe principles of public participation in its work. 

That is a brief summary of the roles of Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya. 

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