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NZE Toyota Collora has been manufactured since 1996. The car was designed as an upgraded version of the Toyota Corolla Axio. It’s more spacious, more fuel -efficient and more attractive compared to the former. There are many choices of Toyota NZE new model such as NZE G-Edition, NZE X-edition, NZE Luxel and NZE Assista.




NZE Toyota Collora comes with dual SRC Airbags, Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Auto Retract Mirrors, Central Rock system, radio and power windows.




NZE Toyota Collora engine uses VVT-I technology (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence developed by Toyota). This is responsible for low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions and higher power output.


NZE Toyota Collora has  a good response and picking and stopping but it is a bit shaky at high speed.


Spare parts are readily available across Kenya. It also share spares with other Toyotas such as Allex, Allion, Fielder and Premio. This is an advantage;

NZE Toyota Collora is simple to fix, even mechanics who do not have a lot of experience can work on it and have it going.




Toyota NZE

NZE Toyota Collora has zero technology and it’s not comfortable to ride.



Features of Toyota NZE

–       5 seater

–       Drive Type: FFD or 2WD

–       Max power 74-109 hp

–       Engine Capacity: 1300 CC – 1500 CC

–       Acceleration: 0-100 km in 10.2 seconds for 1300cc and 9.89 secs for 1500 cc engine;

–       Fuel consumption: 15km/l for 1300 cc and 13km/l for 1500 CC

–       Tank capacity: 42 litres



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