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Ryan Higa was born on 6th June, 1990. He is known as nigahiga on YouTube. He is well known for his YouTube films which have been viewed over 3 billion times.


From 2009 to 2011 nigahiga was the most subscribed for 677 consecutive days. By January 2017 he had attained over 19 million subscribers.
Ryan Higa has ancestral roots are in Japan from Okinawa Prefecture. He trained and even competed in Judo and won a black belt rank. In 2008, he graduated from Waiakea High School.

Ryan Higa collaborated with Sean Fujiyoshi and commenced posting videos on his YouTube channel. They were simply lip syncing to songs in mid-2006 at the same time they were attending Waiakea High School. Later they expanded their coverage by producing other comedy videos other than music.


After sometimes other people started making guest appearances such as Tarynn Nago, Tim Enos, Kyle Chun and Ryan Villaruel. Ryan Higa channel experienced a temporary suspension on 21st January, 2009. It was reinstated after removing more videos which had copyright issues.


A number of videos removed had copyrighted music. Since that happened, Ryan Higa started composing his own music. Ryan Higa migrated to Las Vegas to study nuclear medicine at the University of Nevada.


At that time a large number of videos at the nigahiga channel was an individual effort. Starting from 2012 Higa started working through a production company called Higa TV Production LLC. The company makes content for nigahiga.

It took the channel four years to hit 3 million mark  subscribers on YouTube. That is from 2006 to 2010. This was the very first channel to reach that mark.


In the year 2011, he created another channel called HigaTV. Here he posts video blogs and behind the camera videos and by February 2017 the channel had 4.7 million users.


In the year 2008, the nigahiga channel producers received help from Richard Van Vleet of Los Angeles to create their very first feature film. The video was shown in California and Hawaii. Later on 2009, the team produced a DVD in the United States of America.


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