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Garissa County

Garissa County is located to the North Eastern part of Kenya. Garissa is the home of the largest refugee camp. The camp accommodates 260,000 refugees from Somalia. The county has a population of 623,060 residents who occupy 45,720 square kilometers of land. The majority tribe in Garissa is Somalis. The literacy rate for Garissa County stands at 52.2 percent. This means that 47.8%

It is made up of the following sub-counties:

a) Balambala Sub County

This is also one of the towns in the County.

It is important to note that all the sub-counties have their CDF offices in the County headquarters.

b) Lagdera Sub-County

This is a sub-county and one of the constituencies in Garissa. Its headquarters is Modogashe town.

c) Fafi Sub-county

This is a constituency and a sub-county in Garissa. Its headquarters is Bura town.

d) Ijara Sub-County

This is a constituency and a sub-county with Masalani town as its headquarters.

e) Dadaab Sub-County

Dadaab is one of the sub-counties in Garissa with Dadaab as the the headquarters. It is found in Dadaab Constituency. This is the home of one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya. It is called Dadaab refugee camp. The camp mostly hosts refugee from the war torn Somalia. The government of Kenya is currently working towards closure of the camp and repatriate the inhabitants to their home countries. 

f) Hulugho Sub-County

This is a sub-county found in Ijara Constituency. It is the only sub-county which is not a constituency in Garissa County. The town is very close to the Somali boarder. Garissa residents informed the team that anyone found loitering outside the town is suspected of being a militant and appropriate action is taken. Even pastoralists avoid taking their cattle and goats to the Boni forest which stretches all the way to Lamu County and Somalia country.



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