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NASA rally at Uhuru Park
Our blog Team arrived at Uhuru Park at exactly noon in readiness to cover the NASA rally. We provide unbiased analyses, different point of view and focus on what the traditional media do not cover. Read more on our blog and subscribe on our  YouTube Channel: Kerosi TV. 


NASA's last political rally at Uhuru Park
Members of international media houses were well represented at the NASA’s last campaign rally at Uhuru Park. The journalist above is seen taking pictures with passion. 


Nasa rally at Uhuru Park
I’ve never understood why NASA supporters wear helmets to the political rallies. Here is an example spotted by Kerosi Dotcom blog team at Uhuru Park. It is very interesting and entertaining. I guess it is about creating satire. If you there is a different reason post it in the comments. 







NASA rally at Uhuru Park.
The “unbwogable” reminds me of Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji who literally swept National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)  into power in 2002. We remember those times with nostalgia. Mwai Kibaki became president. Seen at the NASA rally at Uhuru Park.


NASA rally at Uhuru Park.
This is the only civilian who carries a ‘gun’ even openly even in front of security service. Cited at the NASA rally at Uhuru Park. The green overall is entertaining. It is visible from outer space. Just joking. 
NASA Rally at Uhuru Park
These two gentlemen commandeered the car in a Jack Chan style. The antics looked dangerous to me or are they body guards. In Hollywood they are called stunts. They entertain the viewers. This was happening in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) or is it?


Nasa rally at Uhuru Park.
The world is fully aware of what is happening in Kenya. When they write or report about our country, they know what they are saying. Expose the ills in our system. We need transparency. Nasa rally at Uhuru Park.
Nasa Rally at Uhuru Park
A couple of NASA supporters came with sugar cane plants. Who can guess what message they were conveying. What does sugarcane represent in Kenya’s context of political symbolism. Cited as NASA rally at Uhuru Park


NASA rally at Uhuru Park
For some party supporters attending a rally is not just waiting for the D-Day. It calls for creativity and lots of work to be done. This supporter on this picture had to build a custom chair for the occasion.

We will continue with the story in another blog article. For today, that is it.

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