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Men are real rich. Imagine back in September Naguib Sawiris had proposed to purchase an Island in Italy or Greece for the purpose of resettling refugees and migrants.


He had tweeted his intention and it went viral. Naguib Sawiris is currently the 10th richest African. He was planning to raise donations for the project.  


To show seriousness Naguib Sawiris he has gone ahead and identified two islands that he was interested in buying. Private islands. He has widened his cast and is now studying a total of 17 islands in Greece with the intention of buying one for the refugees.


The questions is: which one can accommodate the highest number of refugees and has high potential for future use?


 A wait for approval from the Greek government to purchase the land is what stands between him and his plans.


Once he buys the island, he will name it Aylan Island in honor of the Syrian boy (3 years old) who drowned and later his body was washed up the beach in Turkey. The picture of this sad incident went viral around the world.


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Naguib Sawiris is the CEO of Orascom Telcom Media and Technology. This is a company which was incorporated in Egypt. It owns businesses in technology, media and mobile phone. Its presence is in Pakistan, Egypt and Lebanon. The Orascom conglomerate was founded by their father, Onsi Sawiris in 1979.


Naguib Sawiris is not the only billionaire offering solutions for the surging refugee problems. One Petter Stordalen donated a total of 5,000 free nights at his hotel rooms in Oslo. This donation was made to UNICEF.


Hamdi Ulukaya of Turkey is the found of The Tent Foundation that helps refugees. He has also offered refugees work at his Greek yogurt plants for a period of five years.


United Nations estimates that there are 4.2 million refugees desperate for help.


UN has reported that the best way to help the refugees for now is to donate funds to be used for providing them with basic necessities (education, food and warm shelter).


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