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Kenya national government has revealed it’s plans to construct Mwache Dam, a mega water dam in Kwale County. The dam will cost Ksh. 35 billion.
This will be a multi-purpose dam for irrigation and water supply to the coastal region. It will take a total of four years to put up the dam. 
The Mwache dam will require 1,600 acres and 4,600 families are expected to be displaced. The national government has assured the locals that they will only be displaced after they have been compensated. 
The National Land Commission has been handed a Ksh. 150 million cheque by the Water Cabinet Secretary (CS) to start the compensation process to pave way for Mwache dam. 
Therefore, we expect that soon the valuation process will set in with crops, land and houses being valued. It’s expected the the compensation exercise will cost Ksh. 350 million. Hence, the government is expected to add Ksh. 200 million in the next one month.
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