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Monster mum invited twin boys aged 15 to smoke bang. 


Ashleigh Watts, 37, was arrested by the police when they found a teenager boy who had been missing for 3 weeks at her home in Chesapeake in Virginia. 


Ashleigh is married with two kids. The teenager who was found at her house said that the lady had promised to run away with her when he turns 17. 


The woman was arrested on August 17 and has been charged with 3 counts of indecency with a minor. 


One of the teenage boys has been having sex with her since June 2022. The boy told police that he was ‘in love’ with Ashleigh and “was going to divorce her husband and they would get married” 


Police allege that the boy ran away from home and was found in Ashleigh’s bedroom three weeks later. 


If convicted, Ashleigh, faces 30 years in jail. 




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