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Mortimer Zuckerman was a property developer whose net worth was $2.8 billion. He was the co-founder of Boston Properties.


Mortimer Zuckerman owned a private jet (Gulfstream G550), helicopter, yacht (Lazy Z) and houses. His company completed 53 skyscrapers and Towers such as Park Plaza.


He owns homes in New York City, Aspen and East Hampton.

Initially, he owned a Falcon 900 corporate jet but later he acquirer a Gulfstream G550.


He owns the U.S. News and the World Report where he served as the editor-in-chief. He published news, opinions as well as consumer advise.


U.S. News was a digital platform attracted 20 million users and 120 million page views per month.


In 1970 he co-founded Boston Properties which focused on  office properties.





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