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Eldoret is a city located in Kenya. The minority communities in Eldoret can vary depending on the context and the specific definition of “minority.” Here are some of the minority communities that are present in Eldoret:

  1. Asians: Eldoret is home to a small Asian community, primarily consisting of individuals of Indian and Pakistani descent. They have made significant contributions to the local business and agricultural sectors.

  2. Somalis: Eldoret has a Somali community, which includes both ethnic Somalis from Kenya and Somali refugees who have settled in the city.

  3. Nubians: The Nubian community in Eldoret is a minority group that traces its roots to the historical Nubian people of Sudan. They have their own distinct culture and traditions.

  4. Turkana: While the Turkana people are predominantly found in northwestern Kenya, some members of the Turkana community have migrated to Eldoret and other urban areas in search of employment and educational opportunities.

  5. Luo: The Luo community, mainly found in western Kenya, also has a presence in Eldoret. They are primarily engaged in various professions, including education, healthcare, and business.

It’s important to note that these communities may not necessarily be considered minorities in a national or international context but may be considered as such within the local context of Eldoret. Additionally, the population demographics and dynamics can change over time, so the composition of minority communities in Eldoret may vary.



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